About Us

S. Zamiri Inc. has over 28 years of experience in the home plan design industry in various styles.  We don't just design plans, we involve builders, engineers and architects in the design process to ensure we only create buildable designs.  And our plans don't just look appealing from the front - we ensure your plans have curb appeal on all sides. We work with each of our clients to create cost-effective buildable designs with visual appeal. We have provided numerous Parade of Home Wining Designs to homeowners and builders alike for 28 years.  A successful home deign should not only be attractive and functional, but also a direct reflection of how you live every day.

We don't just rely on our past experiences, but continue to research the market to stay on the cutting edge of home design. It is our goal to create home plans that set the highest standards in residential design and ensure our clients' satisfaction with the entire design process.

With over 28 years experience, our custom home design firm is known as one of the leading residential design firms in Central Florida. Our goal has always been to provide quality, creative and sellable home designs to builders and home owners.  We put 100% into everything we do.  Our client's satisfaction is our only measure of our success. The owner of S. Zamiri, Inc., Sam Zamiri, is a prominent residential designer who has won several design awards including the prestigious Aurora Award.  Zamiri is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a  Bachelor's degree in architecture.  He also holds and undergraduate degree in art from the UK.  In addition, he is a licensed general contractor giving him more insight in the buildability of his designs.

Our designs offer the home owner a comfortable lifestyle.  By providing architecturally pleasing, functional custom designs which are buildable and sellable, we ensure we help our builders compete in today's market.

S. Zamiri, Inc. is proud to be affiliated with the following businesses:

Design Construction, LLC
Michael Dove, Principal